New on the Scene
[Akira Boutique]
By Tania Murry

Red velvet curtains, brass poles, sparkling lights. These classic elements created the ambience of the runway. The pieces that were about to be revealed were anything but classic. As the models strutted down the runway pieces flowed off their bodies. The clothes had life and energy. The fabrics were very now. The cuts had attitude. The look was individualistic and creative. How is this possible in Chicago: Akira at Rumba.

On Sunday, November 27 th Akira launched their idea of fashion at Rumba. This nightclub at night, diner by day was host to Akira’s fashion show. This promotional event, made possible by Soul Café Marketing & Promotions, featured two displays of this boutique’s look for winter along with gourmet specialties and drinks to create the atmosphere.

The overall feel of the runway line was a funky love for individuality. His vision will give women the confidence to mix and match their own looks. His vision of style is comparable to music. All the instruments make different noises, yet together they sound beautiful. His pieces do not fit into any category, yet together his classic, trendy, and retro pieces come together to create harmonious aesthetic qualities. He likes to combine trends to keep the interest alive. As he said “if the look is constantly changing people will always be interested to see what will be next”.

The silhouette for women was a curvaceous one. Belts were set at the hip to accentuate a lower waistline and the fabric was anything but stiff. It flowed with the body’s natural curves. To allow for the flow, dresses had empire waists and were paired with chunky accessories. A dress shown with that flowing quality had been cut up all over to create interest on the bottom yet had a tailored bust line and simple straps. The real eye catcher was that each piece that had been slashed had a different color, the dress totaled in five complementing colors. The colors in his collection were surprisingly bright for winter. They will be more readily accepted because the fabrics were very winter. A key piece in the collection was a cropped turquoise vest made of velvet with brass buttons.

The silhouette for men was the traditional inverted triangle. The difference noticed was the layering. One look consisted of a pinstriped collared shirt with a graffiti inspired t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie with the Old English writing. The colors for men that were predominant in the collection were navy, red, orange, and gray.

This up and coming boutique started only three years ago. Its clothes are fresh because most of them are the product of local Chicago designers and small brands found in all different places. Owner, Jon Catay, started this business to build up Chicago’s fashion scene and give confidence to struggling designers. He is open minded and well traveled. Some of his designers are Hydenu Yoo and Joseph Alexander. Labels featured are Miss Sixty and Monarchy. He said his idea of a great outfit is “quality jeans and inexpensive tops”. He says that “jeans are worn with everything, yet tops are trendy and can be discarded easier”. This philosophy would explain the look displayed in his store and more importantly on his runway.

This event proved that this is the season to be an individual through your attire. Express your creativity by visiting any of the four Akira locations listed at