Beyoncé In Chicago
By Lauren Strejc

Marshall Field’s on State Street was host to Beyoncé Knowles's first and only department store appearance to promote her new fragrance, True Star Gold. This perfume is an extension to True Star, which launched last fall. Tommy Hilfiger first unveiled the True Star fragrance to capture the musical talent, energy and beauty of Beyoncé.

True Star Gold features green watery top notes of melon, kiwi and hints of red current, in addition to scents of pumpkin flower, linden blossom, golden pollen, raspberry, honey, sisal, lily, and tulip wood. The scent is gaining positive reviews of not being over-powering and lasting all day.

Beyoncé appeared in front of approximately 4,000 fans to sign bottles of the fragrance. A symbol of sophistication and class, Beyoncé was very personal with the 200 people who waited in line to have their bottles signed, and even left the signing table to plant a big kiss on one of her biggest fans, decked out in Beyoncé gear. She was also gracious enough to sign 100 bottles for those who had pre-purchased, but were unable to attend.

Tommy also has a True Star version form men, inspired by Enrique Iglesias.

Beyoncé and her mother, Tina, were also in town for a photo shoot of their new line, House of Deréon . As many know, Tina Knowles has designed many ensembles for her daughter and the other members of Destiny’s Child. It seems as though the designing gene has been passed down, because Beyoncé has always had a love for mixing different fabrics and textures. The two are joined by Heather Thomson Schindler to make up the main Deréon team. Heather has a history with musical talent-turned-designers; she was a design consultant to J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and helped launch the Sean Jean line (P. Diddy).

The line is named after Beyoncé ’s grandmother, Agnes Deréon , and is inspired by her ability to take everyday fabrics and transform them into a couture masterpiece. It is represented by the agu accent, which Tina says resembles a mother and child. An ideal symbol for the line, as it represents the three generations, which Tina describes in three words: couture, kick, and soul. “Beyoncé is the kick, I am the couture, and Agnes is the soul,” she elaborates.

To top off their Chicago trip, the designing duo stopped by Oprah to give a sneak preview of their line, which ranges from clothing to shoes. Audience members were given pairs of jeans that cater to women of all sizes. The jeans’ back pockets actually aid to lift and support the derriere of smaller women, and darts in the back and a split seam on the waistband help give a better fit to larger women. They range from $100-$150.

The entire collection was made to be affordable, yet elegant. Tina states, “It’s a young, contemporary line, so the price points are great. And that was just a dream to bring a little touch of couture to the everyday woman.”

Fabrics including wool, silk, and chiffon are incorporated into the line. A couture collection is planned to debut in spring. To learn more about House of Deréon , visit



Beyoncé In Chicago
Beyoncé In Chicago
Photo by Scott Harrison