Vanity, Narcissism and Superficiality
By Yanira Garcia


With stores like Chicago's Penelope's and Robin Richman, catching on to
Superficial Inc, it is no wonder struck up an interest. Since 1998, Lindsey
Boland, has been designing under her own label, Superficial Inc, which was
incorporated in 2000 and now is based in Chicago. After interning with major
designers, such as Cynthia Rowley and James Coviello, Boland venture on her
own. CFM caught up with the designer for a little one on one session.

As a fashion designer, where do your inspirations come from?

I love adding a hint of current trends to vintage styles and vise vesa. I have a
huge collection of vintage patterns, one might spark an idea and I'll see where
it goes. Sometimes the fabric it self will be the inspiration.

 Most creative people get their inspiration from a flick at the moment of life;
we would like to hear your story.

My inspiration to design began when I was 16. My family always encouraged
creative expression and fashion happens to be that vehicle for me right now. It
is my creative outlet.

 The season is changing what will be the most dominant color of our wardrobe?

For Spring I am doing all blue-greens, teals, and greens.

 How often do you think of comfort for women wearing your creations?

I always consider comfort. I think you can be fashionable and practical at the
same time.

As a respected designer and fashion adviser in a growing community of Chicago,
what should we not wear?

I think if you work it you can wear just about anything. I saw a girl out the
other night in a whole pirate/peasant getup and she was fabulous. You could
tell she had the spirit to pull it off. I'd say just be careful, especially
with trends. If you like the shearing trend, stick to just one piece, don't
wear the boots, and the hat and the bag...

Do you see your self soon in a new challenging era designing men's and kid's

I often make clothing that I want to be wearing, so I wouldn't rule out a
maternity line. But much to my husband's dismay, I have little interest in

Inside your specialty boutique in the hart of Chicago, what are your clients
most happy to have from your collection?

From my Fall collection I've had the best response from my puff sleeve jacket,
but the off-center oversize button coat with the piping is a close second.

 From a designer's view, give us an advice when mixing and matching clothing.

I think we should all have a little more fun mixing and matching, myself
included. It is so easy to fall into the jeans and solid top routine. My New
Year's resolution is to explore more fun ways of mixing and matching in my

 We would like to hear your critic about the fashion-week here that Chicago

I had heard rumors that there was to be a fashion week in Chicago, but I could
never find out where any of the events were to be held. I suppose my only
criticism would be the lack of effective promotion. Although I think that it is
a GREAT idea to have a fashion week here and fully support groups trying to
organize one.

Check out the spring collection coming soon on, because quite
frankly they just want to be, as they put it, your favorite piece!