The Forgotten Accessory
Documenting a piece of dying history…
By Yanira Garcia

Hat design by Ann deVuono
Photo Scott Harrison | Model Erin
MUA Dawn Penich and Elizabeth Bilow
Location Sonotheque



Funny how baseball caps have become so popular thanks to design companies like Von Dutch and yet we still fear hats in general. Some may argue that this cap trend does not qualify as a hat, as some have, and then the question is what is a hat then? According to Webster, it is a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown and brim. However, to some people it is so much more than that. Andee Kinzy, a part time milliner and filmmaker is a great example. Constantly hearing that people like hats but fear wearing them, Andee set off on a mission to find a film to help ease this fear and in turn motivate potential hat wearers. After her search turned up nothing, Andee decided to bring hats back into the media and back on people’s heads.

Andee set off across the United States seeking out enthusiast of this once popular accessory. It became a thirty minute expose on hats and the people who enjoy creating them, wearing them, and most importantly love them.

What is it About Hats? A documentary about people under the brim features some of today’s top milliners, like Chicago ’s very own Eia Radosavljevic. According to the exquisite characters in the film, there is more to a hat that meets the eye. The women in these growingly popular hat societies feel that a hat is about self expression and defines their persona. As Andee has stated, in this form of fashionable expression “there are no rules!” As the video showed, women of more maturity found more courage to don a hat than younger women. So is it a style we seem to grow into? Not necessarily, Andee believes that older women just drop expectations and that women in their early 20’s seem to be more open to hats now also it may just have skipped a generation. But it depends where. Cross overseas to Europe for example. 80% roughly of the population are hat wearers of all ages. Although hats are the expected accessory in England during special events, the styles are all too common. In the United States , however, the Southern states are overpopulated with hat wearers who bask in these “visually enticing” hats. Large brimmed, feathers, sequins, they all have a story to tell. But do we see these styles down Old Irving Park or Buck town? Not really but they can be seen April 29 th at the Beverly Art Center at the center’s “HATS!” exhibit screening the film from 6-9pm. It seems as though hats won’t be flying off heads anytime soon.


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