Autumn in August
Jennifer Evangelista


Chicagoans are no stranger to chilly summer nights. The Windy City is very moody on how it conducts the weather. You should just be prepared for it, come hell or high water – literally.

This is sometimes a little tricky for the fashion conscious individuals. Rules about sandals and pastels and prints and even hair color all come to play. But what do you wear in a season that doesn’t act like it should?

As all-knowing Chicago designers know and embrace
it’s all about accessorizing and being creative. Pairing a sheer floral top with a chunky sweater for a cool beach day, is breezy and pretty, yet practical. Likewise, putting stretchy cigarette pants, wedge sandals, and fleece jacket underneath a corduroy blazer is funky, sexy and, yes…warm!

It’s going back to the basics. First and foremost, check the Weather Channel before you leave the house. They’re right most of the time – after all they studied this stuff, so you don’t have to.

Dress accordingly. Look at your season rulebook and throw it out the window! If it says thunderstorms, for Pete and Laurie’s sake, don’t wear your white satin pants and crystal encrusted stilettos. It won’t survive the “dash-to”!

Dress your part. If you’re going to work, don’t wear your bar shirt (yes, the shirt that you bought at your neighborhood dive bar!). Although you may be advertising a striving business, it doesn’t belong in the work place – unless, you work at the bar.

Most importantly, flatter your body (you didn’t think I’d say be comfortable, did you?!). If you have a flabby tummy, realize that you can’t suck it in the whole day. Just be wise enough not to wear a top that will expose it to the public. Baby doll dress tops are there for a reason, to conceal the gut of the “non-sit-up-kinda-girl”.

All in all, it’s just keeping things in perspective. Don’t be stuck in clothing just because it’s “in season”. Be your own and create your own calendar. Just be sure it looks good.