Abercrombie & Fitch Cover Model Albert Reed

New York , September 2004


Albert Reed, the new face of
popular fashion outlet Abercrombie & Fitch, stormed onto the
runway by chance when accompanying a friend to KARIN, a
Miami modeling firm.

"Albert walked into our agency in Miami with a girlfriend
who was interested in modeling. The agents at KARIN quickly
looked past his friend, seeing Albert's potential, and
signed him on the spot -- something which rarely happens,"
said Khalid Salaam of KARIN. "We knew this was someone who
would eventually draw the attention of top clients and
possibly have a great future in TV and film."

Since that fortuitous moment, Miami native Albert Reed, 19,
has experienced a rapid, high-profile rise in the fashion
spotlight. Following his discovery, Reed signed on to a
steady string of modeling jobs in both the United States and
Europe, including a major shoot for the Italian sportswear
company SLAM, which featured Reed as the sole male model in
its Spring/Summer 2004 catalog. Reed recently returned to
Italy to shoot SLAM's Fall 2004 catalog.

Reed's biggest break, however, came when KARIN arranged for
Reed to meet with internationally-acclaimed photographer
Bruce Weber. This meeting led to a photo shoot for clothing
giant Abercrombie & Fitch, which also hired Reed to star in
a video for its website. After shooting the video, Reed
learned that Abercrombie & Fitch had selected him to star on
the cover of the 2004 back-to-school catalog.

The catalog, sent to 10 million homes throughout the United
States, thrust Reed's face into the mainstream public eye
and made him an overnight icon of boy-next-door good looks,
youthful vitality, and all-American outdoor sportsmanship.
"America started asking, 'Who is this guy with the LIVE TO
SURF tattoo on the billboard in Times Square?'" said Salaam.

Copies of the back-to-school catalog are in such great
demand that they are being sold on eBay. Abercrombie & Fitch
also invited Reed to appear in its new magazine, A&F.
Launched in July in New York at a party hosted by Vanity
Fair, A&F features Reed and other models from the clothing
company's "Rising Stars" Campaign, including Sissy Spacek's
daughter Schuyler.

"Albert has created such an industry buzz," Salaam
commented. "His story is unusual not only because of his
'accidental' discovery. He's also unique because he chose to
be a teenager and finish school before committing himself
full-time to modeling."

Reed's image on the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog cover has
appeared as an ad in Rolling Stone, GQ, and Teen Vogue. Reed
has appeared in a number of other magazines, including
Seventeen and Cosmo Girl, and in advertisements for Reebok,
NIKE, Neiman Marcus, and Ray-Ban.

For more about Albert Reed, visit his newly-launched
website: http://www.albertreed.net.

We hope that we can see Albert Reed at Chicago's runways soon, or at least on a poster in Abercombie & Fitch windows.