The Controversial Male
ByYanira Garcia
November 1, 2004


For years, we have looked to gay males as companions, a replacement for our unbearable problematic female friends. They are honest, love to look their best and are great with color. However, through the last couple of years a new breed of males have emerged. As if the heterosexual male population has discovered the gay man connection to women, men in most metropolitan areas are slowly falling into the category of ...The Metro-sexual.
They spring up in areas that contain the best hairdressers, the best restaurants, and the best places to shop. He is stereotypically gay except when it comes to his preference of women.
Obsessed with appearance, he is titled a narcissus, but ever so attracting. So is it the new way of life or a tool to pick up women by being in touch with the woman within? If so then men across the nation should run and embrace the homophobic approach that if you can't beat em', join em' (no pun intended).
Ridding the theory that all good men are either married or gay, the metro-sexual is a free for all. So ladies, as you ponder in the mist of confusion about his sexual orientation, throw him a wink, he might just be a keeper.