In The Spotlight
By Yanira Garcia


With top names like Nioxin, Joico, and Aquage, it is no wonder this year's
Midwest Beauty Show was a major success. Three days straight of non-stop style
and a convention full of personality and flair, the show was all it raved to
be.  Industry professionals travel from as far as Ontario, to see the annual
event. Of course who could resist.  Keynote speaker, Horst Rechelbacher,
founder of Aveda and now Intelligent Nutrients, launched the event on the 26th
with an amazing presentation.  Another notable face was Antoinette Beenders.

Named The British Hairdresser of the Year, Antoinette Beenders, took Chicago
through the in and outs of fashionable hair. A fun, innovative, and extremely
fashion forward, Antoinette's style was a work of art. As she took us through a
journey, as she would put it, she pointed out how her intoxicating style was in.
Less pretty, she says, more fun. On her 1st Midwest Beauty Show, Antoinette
already left her mark, with an edgy show with the latest designs of one of
London's very own. This London native works very closely with one of the
hottest name in fashion, Alexander McQueen. As she demonstrated on stage what
looks would go well with McQueen's designs, she also humored us with her
comical personality. Another show that was bursting with personality, was
Farouk Systems.

Farouk Systems, who started their show with a dance number, continued with that
same theme even with the cutting demonstration took place! But that wasn't the
biggest wow. The action was at the Sexy Hair counter, as the model rocked out
while three male stylist did her hair. The audience grew by the moment. With a
prediction that matte looks were the in thing now, Trucco formed their own
audiences with a step by step make up demonstration.

It is evident, the envy that will spread by those not in attendance. This year's
Midwest Beauty Show, with its big name dropping and special appearances by even
Carson Kressley from "Queer Eye" with Aquage and Chicago's very own Barbara
Glass, was a major success. It truly was 'where style is headed'.