Function Meets Fashion
By Yanira Garcia - Fashion Editor

Models Anna and Lauren
Location: Sonotheque Chicago
Photo By Scott Harrison




Trends come and go but gone is last summer’s lucid lenses on your sunglasses. This over the top craze couldn’t have even been considered shades; the clear glass offered minimal eye protection though look was extremely cute. But meet function, ladies and gentlemen. Introducing a new addition to fashion with a raison d'être, ColorEyes. This summer Chicagoeans can be a little more high tech with the newest and hottest sunglasses on the market.

Using HDL-3C lenses, ColorEyes is using the most advance lenses on the market. Non-polarization offers the most distortion free optics available.  Non-polarized sunglasses are extremely important for driving, flying and basically any activity where maximum visibility is required. Made for sunlight, these sunglasses have been named suitable for Aviation. In such a case, if you can fly the friendly skies, you can be sure to be able to safely cruise The Drive.

Crafted by Intercast Europe, these lenses are made by the finest in optical lens production. And if you feel the technology alone cannot sell you, the lenses are in manufactured in Italy, known for its great food and fashion sense.

In a recent survey conducted by CFM to men and women who shop in the most upscale retail stores, CFM discovered what’s hot and what’s even better! Argento seems to be the best-selling style for Men. Created for a pilot’s use, these aviator frames are lightweight and this season’s must have. Women on the other hand had a more so chic preference. The Stella is high in sophistication and style. These large square frames were the entire rave. In addition to style, our readers saw a great improvement in vision when compared to there own sunglasses. Sold. With an array of price points starting from about $200 to $239 or so, these sunglasses definitely range a little on the pricier side but rest assure it will be a dime well spent.

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Editor's Note:
The Diva in me always needs sunglasses. No matter how many pairs I already own, I always find room for one more. Lately, however, I've been using the same inexpensive black frame glasses.
Nothing could make me change or wear different, that was until ColorEyes. I noticed a difference in sight while driving and everyone else noticed them. Everything seemed so clear but I'll tell you what is even more clear, my new ColorEyes sunglasses are the only ones I will wear now. Not only are they extremely purposeful but I can still look good, thus still keep my Diva image!