From Surfboards to Billboards
By Yanira Garcia


Remember back to a time when a white t-shirt was the main item to base your wardrobe around? That’s how it was for 19 year old Albert Reed before he became a familiar face in print ads across the nation. Back when dreams where filled with surf boards and waves and the perfect day was a lazy day for Albert, he could never have imaged what the future was holding for him. Albert was always about his friends and family, it is no wonder when a close friend asks him to accompany her to an agency in Miami, Albert quickly packed up and left Vero Beach, Florida. Then only 16, Albert along with his friend, walked into Karin Models where Albert was signed on the spot! Life has been a whirlwind ever since. It took CFM a while to get a hold of Albert but the ever so humble Albert still made time for his fans in Chicago.

CFM: First of all Albert, when did you start modeling?

Albert Reed: I started when I was 16, I got signed to Karin Models in Miami and then to IMG in New York.

CFM: So you are from Miami?

AR: Well, I was born in Miami but when I was 13 my family and I moved to Vero Beach. I have spent my most of my teen years there.

CFM: So when did you decide to model?

AR: I really wanted to be a surfer, the modeling just happened.

CFM: So how did you become a model?

AR: My friend offered me breakfast and lunch in exchange to drive her to Miami. She always wanted to model, it was her dream. I agreed to take her and when we got there, we walked into Karin Models and they liked me.

CFM: And your friend?

AR: She didn’t get a contract.

CFM: I’m sure that crushed her, what was her reaction?

AR: Well, she was really excited for me, but she decided to give up.

CFM: So how is your life different now than back home in Vero Beach?

AR: It’s crazy; you never know where you are going the next day. I still write though, I write poetry and lyric for my band.

CFM: How is life different now for your friends and family, how do they react to your success?

AR: My friends call me up and say “Dude, you’re in a magazine” but I mean, I am still the same, I haven’t changed. I keep it raw, you know.

CFM: So what would be a typical day for you now?

AR: It’s very fast paced. I’m always on a plane and I don’t like them. Every time I am on a plane it increases my chances of one crashing and dying.

CFM: Ahh, that’s not good?

AR: I know, I don’t like planes and I barely get to go home. I see my friends like two to three times a year. Every thing just keeps changing every time I come back.

CFM: Changing? What was it like before?

AR: Well, I lived a very relaxed hippie lifestyle. I would party and surf. I think surfing really molded my life.

CFM: Thank you for taking time to speak with CFM, maybe we could chat more when you come to Chicago.

AR: That sounds great, I’ve been thinking about going to Chicago, a lot of my friends from New York, are originally from Chicago.

It seems as though this Pisces, no matter how much fame he receives, still prefers to catch a good wave than to bask under studio lights. It’s good to see this rising star still has his feet firmly planted.