Computerized Perfumes

No longer is the personal perfume the preserve of the very rich and
famous, or J.Lo or Britney: every american woman can have
hers, too. Since 'fragrance for you' started trading in 2000, it
has delivered personal fragrances all over the world,
including every state in the USA.

Thanks to its computer program visitors to the website can enter their personality
and lifestyle details into the on-line form. The computer
then produces a description of the fragrance custom-designed
for the customer.

The site has proved a big hit with American women of all age
groups either designing fragrances for themselves or as
gifts for their partners and friends. About 80% of U.S.
visitors are women with men buying a high proportion of
their designs as gifts.

Each bottle of fragrance is labeled with the wearer's name
and is delivered with a handmade, fully-lined Thai silk bag
in a range of shimmering colors and a neck strap to carry
glasses, cell phone, or iPod.

Seven out of ten customers are from the U.S., and clearly
they value the service as 25% re-order. There is a range of
sizes from $17.00 for the 0.17 fl oz travel size to $80.00
for the 4.25 fl oz. All are in eau de perfume concentration
with spray atomizers and come in classic Italian frosted
glass bottles.

Delivery to the U.S. from the U. K. takes on average seven
days using Royal Mail and USPS. CEO of fragrance for you
Fred Parker said, "We value our U.S. customers very highly
and will always despatch within two working days of receipt
of the order, whether placed by Internet, mail or phone. We
win lots of praise for our prompt and thoughtful customer

Fred Parker said of the success of the service, "There are
no hidden charges, we pay all shipping costs and if the
advertised price on our web site is $30.00, then that is the
price that appears on the customer's credit card statement
no matter what the rate of exchange does. We make an
enormous effort to ensure our site is secure, and we score
100% for Site Security on the Safe Shopping Network web site
- and we are proud of that."