United Colors of Benetton
Spring Sumer 2005


The United Colors of Benetton spring-summer collection takes inspiration from different corners of the globe: from New York chic to Californian avant-garde, from Mediterranean elegance to South American passion and international “bon ton”. This is a collection fit for all personalities and styles, where classics, vintage and modern pieces blend harmoniously.


The Glam City is the look for spring; rich in masculine shades of gray softened by floral prints in pinks and blues. Adding a more feminine touch are little cropped jackets in leather, summer-weight wool, jacquard or in silky satin worn over full skirts, flowing dresses and draped blouses.

Impeccable elegance with a French flavor for the St. Remy de Provence look, rich in pastels, sand tones, bright orange and denim. Key pieces are dresses and skirts with floral prints, sporty shorts and pleated miniskirts worn with striped blouses and retro corsets.

Lots of allusions to the past in the Chic of a New Romantic, a look full of cotton muslin, silk crêpe and a new, light denim. The color scheme revolves around baby blue and powder pink for drawstring skirts that lengthen and widen under tiny tops and outerwear.

Whereas the mood of the collection continues to be romantic, in Over the Rainbow colors brighten and intensify. Key fabrics are dark denim, linen and textured cotton for figure-hugging ankle-length trousers, small boxy jackets, skirts and blouses with large floral prints.

The beat changes and becomes funkier in the Road Mood, where colors become deep and vibrant. Key pieces are flared skirts, biker cropped jackets, cargo pants, sexy tank tops and short shorts. Softening this look are very feminine prints, used even on long, dyed parkas.

By contrast, the Fair Play theme is inspired by the style of elite tennis clubs. The color scheme focuses on white, pastels and beige for classic cut trousers, kilts, wrap mini skirts, piqué polo shirts and jersey dresses with bold horizontal stripes.

Mystical desert safaris were the inspiration for the Atmospheric Laundry, a theme rich in natural fabrics and color. The cut and style are simple and comfortable with a marked colonial feel.

From passionate nights in South America, comes the The Last Tango, with plenty of red and black, lace, floral prints and transparencies. Slinky silk that caresses the body, stretch denim clings to legs, small bustiers and fitted blouses all to enhance a sensual femininity.


Style is everywhere for the captivating Neo Playboys, with their elegant white suits or casual separates worn with short jackets or Cabans in beige and gray. Low-waist trousers are worn with structured jackets, pink and blue yarn-dyed shirts or with pullovers, worthy of a true dandy.

In the Viva Las Vegas look the mood becomes more lively thanks to vibrant, luminous colors like pink, purple, acid green, fuchsia and turquoise.  Color is everywhere, from fitted trousers to body-hugging blazers and jackets. These are matched to faded jeans with zippers and washed sweatshirts with flashy graphics.

Flowers & Stripes are for a more gentle, rich in soft linen or washed-cotton trousers in natural colors.  These are worn under bright colored T-shirts and shirts with romantic floral prints, and wide or thin stripes.

For a younger audience comes the aggressive style of the Kickboxing Club. The color scheme is bright for tops with martial arts, tribal or tattoo-like prints, while trousers of various lengths are in smokies shades. Satin bomber jackets, typical of boxers, complete this look.

From city suburbs to the Californian shores with the Beach Bikers theme made of Bermuda shorts, T-shirts, comfortable trousers and shirts. Colors as far as the eye can see, in the shape of flowers, prints, graphics and wording dedicated to free time and holidays.