Color of Gemstones from Alice Berry
By Samantha Gardener

 Spring is finally here…or is it? The first day of spring is March 20 th, but I’m still not ready to leave the house without something to keep me warm. You never know when the winter chills coming off the lake will hit. For those sunny days when it feels like it is actually spring, you still want to grab something like a light jacket or a scarf.

We need color and light after months of the winter darks. Go for the scarf when you’re ready to go out that door. Scarves are the most basic accessories offering style, grace and warmth when that chilly wind hits. Alice Berry has many scarves to choose from and they make a lovely addition to any wardrobe; her scarves can be wrapped, tied, folded and knotted.

Remember that wraps, scarves, shawls can completely change the look of a pair of jeans and will replace a jacket anytime. Check out her beautiful array of scarves that make that unique fashion statement that we fashionistas strive to achieve.

Her line is a work of art that plays on relating colors, transparency and contrasting elements. Alice ’s colors are interpreted by the color of gemstones, birds, flowers and natural phenomena .

Her line comes in multi color and custom made color. Alice ’s creations are very versatile, easy and fun to wear!

You might want to thank Alice Berry for using silk feather weight fabrics and keeping her loyal Chicago audience looking their best! Many pieces in her collection can be worn more than one way. A favorite is a wrapped dress that can be worn in a total of nine different styles. It comes in an array of fabrics and beautiful colors. Alice ’s line is incredibly beautiful, functional and dynamically pleasing to the eye.  

Tree Studio, # 27 at 4 East Ohio St; 2nd floor, is where you can pick something up from her collection and step out with a unique, beautiful item to augment your wardrobe, as well and make a fashion statement.

Photo By Dawn Penich | Models: Mary and Celine
MakeUp and Hair by Salon Echo