Building the perfect wardrobe
By Brian Gulash

I work in a specialty retail store selling high-end, cutting-edge clothing. Often, when clients ask for my assistance, they leave me in a state of confusion. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of people I work with know exactly what they want. Others, however, expect me to know what they’re looking for. When I’m lucky, they want an entire new wardrobe.

When this case happens, I scurry about the store trying to find pieces they like. Nine times out of ten, they leave with a couple pieces, feeling discouraged & frustrated.

I live and breathe fashion. I know the ins and outs with my eyes closed. Unfortunately, I do not know how to read minds. So, I’ve made it my mission to help every Dick and Jane, (maybe just Jane in this article!) transform into a savvy shopper and a snazzy dresser!

Trick is, “back to basics”. It’s very hard to go wrong with basic pieces and build your own personal style from there. Add a bohemian necklace if you’re a bohemian chic. Add a sleek silver belt, if you are a classic minimalist. It all starts with these four timeless wardrobe must haves:

  1. Jeans - Denim is a must. When shopping for a pair, consider the following: pocket placement, length, wash, fit, leg width, rise. It is best to have at least two pairs – one in a classic dark wash for a dressier attire, and another in a light wash for an everyday look.
  2. Black Slacks & Khakis - A flattering flat front Khaki is best for Sunday brunch with the ladies. Those slim-fitting black slacks are best for a first date that goes from the upscale bistro to that favorite dive bar. Look out for BCBG and Theory. These brands tend to have basics down and flattering fits.
  3. Classic Tees – Black and white tops are key essentials. Splurge if you must. Buy a dozen in every color if you’ve found the tee that looks great on you. You’ll end up wearing them all the time. You’ll feel sexy in them, thus people will see you as that sexy, confident woman that you really are!
  4. Dresses – Diane Von Furstenberg knows women’s body and knows how to dress them well. It’s considered ageless, thus it will never go out of style. And of course, the LBD. Little black dress is your fall back. If you feel fat and bloated, your perfect black dress will do the trick for that night out with the girls. When you feel ugly and your hair is wirier than normal, that little black dress will rescue your moment. It’s classy, it’s racy, it’s formal enough, it’s casual enough. It’s your go-to-outfit when everyone, ahem everything, else fails!

Now you have the tools to go shopping head to head with the ultimate fashionista. You may be a novice. But a darn cute one with a handful of notes! Happy shopping…and see you in the jean aisle!