Dazzling by Design!
Designer Series by OPI
Couture Colors Infused with Diamond Dust & Featuring New ProWide Brush!

An extraordinary fusion of couture and technology, new Designer Series by OPI is a line of Nail Lacquers infused with precious diamond dust for a look that it is unmatched in its glamour and exclusivity.  In addition to 12 jeweled shades of Lacquer, Designer Series by OPI also includes diamond-dust-enhanced Base Coat and Top Coat and debuts the new, exclusive ProWide Brush. 

Designer Series by OPI is for the woman who loves the finest things, because it is to nails what couture design is to clothing,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive Vice President & Artistic Director.  “The breakthrough, state-of-the-art Designer Series formula combines precious, dazzling diamond dust with pigments so saturated with color that they glow, reflecting light in an explosion of brilliance and giving nails a never-before-seen dimension and luster.  Designer Series Nail Lacquers are truly like jewels for your fingertips!”

Each bottle of Designer Series Nail Lacquer, Base Coat and Top Coat includes OPI’s new, exclusive ProWide Brush.  Extravagantly lush and thick, the ProWide Brush is unlike any other.  This new Patent-pending flat brush is precisely designed so that the specially-shaped bristles align in a stack, creating a smooth, flat surface.  This revolutionary new design allows the brush to hold more Nail Lacquer, spread it more quickly and evenly, and deliver a smooth, streak-free application. 

Designer Series by OPI Nail Lacquers are available in these jeweled shades:

DS Shimmer
Dazzling, radiant platinum.

 DS Exclusive
Deep amethyst satin.

 DS Original
Gorgeous, glistening plum.

 DS Couture
Sumptuous, shimmering rose.

 DS Divine
Divinely brilliant fuchsia.

 DS Elegance
Vivid pink with a sprinkling of sequins.

 DS Signature
A marvelous sparkle of mauve.

 DS Chiffon
A glimmer of the lightest pink.

 DS Ruby
Rich, jeweled red.

 DS Sapphire
True blue twinkling stars.

 DS Vintage
The glow of coppery taffeta.

 DS Design
Elegant gold with a soft gleam.

 Designer Series Base Coat is a quick-drying formulation that provides protection and improves thecondition of the natural nail, while creating the optimum surface for Nail Lacquer adhesion and long-lasting wear.  Developed with diamond dust for incomparable hardness, it strengthens nails with continued use.  New Designer Series Top Coat delivers unparalleled brilliance and luster.  Infused with diamond dust, it is developed to keep colors true, prevents yellowing and delivers superb shine. 

Designer Series by OPI will have limited availability beginning Spring 2006 at finer Professional Salons for $12.50 ($19.95 CAN) each suggested retail for Nail Lacquer, Base Coat and Top Coat. For more informationvisit www.opi.com.