The Veggie Vogs
By John Fluevog Shoes

Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog announces the launch of his new “VeggieVogs” at John Fluevog Shoes. “When customers take the time to talk to us, we listen and try to accommodate - Veggie Fluevogs is something that has been coming up more and more lately”, comments John. For the initial kick at the animal-friendly, un-leather can, John Fluevog tried planting a couple of classic Fluevog designs from the familiar Angel Line, added some T’L’C and grew the uppers in Hemp.

The JF Design Team was adamant about using a memory foam insole, mainly for comfort but also to make up for any short-term memory loss. Additionally, they used recycled nylon lining, 100% natural gum rubber soles, and water-based biodegradable adhesive to develop these animal-pleasin’, super stylin’, waste reducin’, naturally funky VeggieVogs.

In the stylings of the Classic SuperVog comes the Unisex SuperVeg ($99US), and from the seeds of the ageless Gibson Swirl came the Veggie Swirl ($99US).

John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna and the Scissor Sisters to the runways of high fashion. Fluevogs were recently hailed as being "WIRED" in Wired Magazine alongside the Smart Roadster and Free Beer! Additionally, John recently spoke at the L’Oreal Melbourne International Fashion Festival and the Vancouver Home and Design Show