Lighten Up!
Murad Shines A Bright Light on Eye Care with the NEW
Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment

Delicate eye tissue taking a beating? Treat and repair pigmentation and damage cause by overexposure to environmental elements with Murad’sNEWLighten and Brighten Eye Treatment! Years in development this new formula is the only one, scientifically proven to fight multiple signs of distress around the delicate eye area by lightening dark under-eye circles by an average of 59% and diminishing under-eye bags and puffiness by up to 50%.

“This patented, triple-action formula targets the signs of environmental damage around the eye area by lightening dark circles and neutralizing the most abundant pollutants. It addresses puffiness and under-eye bags with key ingredients that combat signs of intrinsic aging,” explains Dr. Howard Murad, dermatologist, CEO and founder of Murad Inc. and author of Wrinkle-Free Forever and The Cellulite Solution. “The benefits of Hydroquinone, which lightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of dark circles, and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, which reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes due to fluid build-up caused by poor circulation, come together for optimal eye care and repair.”

The extensive, independent research on this product is outlined below.


•          This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of Murad Skin Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment in lightening and brightening under-eye skin.

•          The study was an eight (8) week use study with each subjects’ baseline scores serving as the control.

•          Performance was measured visually and instrumentally using a Chroma Meter.

•          Forty-two (42) subjects were enrolled and forty (40) subjects completed the study.

•          One (1) week prior to the start of the study (Day -7), the prospective subjects with prominent under-eye discoloration visited the test site, where they completed a brief medical history and voluntarily completed the informed consent.

•          They were given instructions for the qualifying “washout” week. The “washout” instructions advised them to discontinue the use of any skin lighteners.


They were instructed to:

1. Use their regular cleanser for all facial washing over the next week.
2. Return to the test site at the following week for qualification.
3. On all exam dates, they were to refrain from using any cosmetics, except lip products.
4. The use of moisturizers was permitted

After each person was evaluated they were issued appropriate product and study instructions. The instructions informed the subjects that:

1. They were not to use any “skin lightening” products other than the test product for the eight (8) weeks of the study.
2. They were to apply the product one (1) time daily, to the designated areas before applying make-up. The product sites were not washed again for at least two (2) hours after application of product.
3. They were to return for additional evaluations at four (4) and eight (8) weeks and at these times they were not to wear cosmetics.
4. If they had any questions, they were to contact the study coordinator.

Upon their return at weeks four (4) and eight (8), participants were evaluated and scored as noted previously. At weeks four (4) and eight (8) they were given an evaluation questionnaire supplied by Murad, Inc. Any subject who discontinued from the study, after starting the study, due to an adverse experience was considered a completed case. Subjects who dropped due to treatment failure were not considered completed cases.

The Murad Lighten and Brighten Treatment (0.5 Fl. Oz.) is available February 1 st, 2006 for $75.00. Murad products are available at the Murad Medical Spa, Los Angeles , Sephora stores nationwide and select Murad salons and spas. For more information and locations offering Murad professional products and services, please call 800-33-MURAD or visit

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